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Firefighting equipment

Firefighting equipment

Firefighting equipment

Firefighting equipment includes all the devices and system components used in fire safety. Our customers can choose from a wide range of fire extinguishers, materials for firefighting, first aid and passive protection, fireproof doors, safety signs and intumescent coatings.

Fire extinguishers:

Fire extinguishers are the very first devices needed to ensure the safety of your environment. Our company is distinguished both by the quality of its products, with fire extinguishers strictly manufactured in Italy, and their variety, with all types always in stock.

Sales activities are support by maintenance services, on the basis of the UNI 9994 standard of November 2003.

Firefighting materials:

In our catalogue are a wide range of firefighting materials compliant with the UNI standards. Among the most important items are a series of column hydrants, both above ground to the UNI 14384 standard and below ground cast iron models UNI 14339, hoses UNI EN 14540 and UNI 9487, fire hose reels and wall hydrants UNI EN 671-1, and connection units for fire engines inlet and/or outlet lines UNI 10779.

Fire stop doors:

We hold an exclusive patent that allows you to customise with decorations, designs or company logos fire stop doors that are delivered quickly throughout Italy. Our products also include a steady supply of REI 60 and REI 120 doors, large-scale REI doors, revolving, sliding and up and down, as wells as fixtures and fittings (handles, panic bars, door closers).

First aid materials:

Gami is present in the first aid sector with a range of materials and cabinets perfectly compliant with regulations.

Safety signs:

Safety signs have always been one of Gami's strengths. We produce and distribute throughout Italy a variety of signs – firefighting, safety, hazard, prohibition, obligation and construction site, created with attention to detail and delivered in rapid time. Each product is wrapped in transparent shrink film so as to protect it during transport or storage in the warehouse.

Passive protection materials:

Passive protection is ensured by all these measures to improve fire resistance of buildings. Our company offers the best solutions for the protection of load-bearing and divider elements (beams, columns, walls, partitions, floors), crossing gates and passive barriers (ducts, pipes, doors, rolling shutters).

Intumescent coatings:

Our products include a great range of intumescent coatings. In case of fire, a carbonaceous foam insulates the rise in temperature.